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Time Is Up!

As there are still some blokes around who do not get how critical the Corona pandemic situation in Germany is, I want to boil it down to one number: >90 days left until all intensive care beds in whole of Germany are occupied.(as of April 26th, extrapolating the 7 day average growth rate results in […]

Corona Crisis: The numbers that really matter

2021-02-14: ECLS turnaround2021-02-07: Rate now slowly increasing to 1,5-2,0%2021-01-31: Decline in Covid-19 beds still only at a -1% rate2021-01-24: Despite fewer new infections, intensive care still high2021-01-17: Still waiting for turn around in death figures2021-01-10: The turning point! Proceed with fingers crossed!2021-01-03: For the first time more than 50% of ECLS beds are used2020-12-27: Almost […]

Interactive Graphics with R Shiny

Well, R is definitively here to stay and made its way into the data science tool zoo. For me as a statistician, I often feel alienated surrounded by these animals, but R is still also the statistician’s tool of choice (yes, it has come to age, but where are the predators ..?) What was usually […]

Statistics is dead, long live Statistics!

It was March 7th this year, when this mail from the ASA found its way to the ASA members: On first sight, it didn’t look like that one needs to pay too much attention, but in the longer pdf-version, you can read these six principles: P-values can indicate how incompatible the data are with a […]

Significantly insignificant

I usually enjoy reading the articles in the significance magazine published by the RSS. Not only is it a glossy magazine (quite uncommon for statistics as a discipline) but also does it often feature very nice case studies from real life problems that matter. Not so for the article in the current issue (December 2015) […]

Emissions Gate – Is Volkswagen just a bad cheater?

Well, here goes the reputation of the German car makers, or at least the one of Volkswagen – does it? Cheating is not too special in many areas, but of course none of the instances involved wants to be busted. Volkswagen got busted now and as a first consequence Martin Winterkorn left. What makes one […]

The Good & the Bad [07/2015]: The most useless Map

Maybe it is a bit too harsh to talk of the “most useless map”, but when I saw this map on the greek bail-out referendum this morning in the FAZ, this was what first came to my mind Well, yes the vote was without any doubt against the suggestion of the EU to solve the […]

Tour de France 2015

I made sort of an early start this year and have the data for the second stage already sorted out. I will start to log the results in the usual way as in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 now: Stage Results cumulative Time Ranks (click on the images to enlarge) – each line corresponds to a […]

90+4 Minutes of Horror

As the FC Bayern München already won the German Soccer league many weeks ago (and consequently dropped out of the remaining contests), no one was really interested in the Bundesliga any longer – no one? Being boring at one end of the table does not mean that the other end is boring as well. And quite […]

The Good & the Bad [02/2015]

Yes, it’s been a while since the last post, but hey – isn’t it a good sign that I presumably do not stumble over too bad graphics every day (or I just might not have the time to write about it …) This example comes from SAS’s online manual on their Visual Analytics tool. And […]

Global Warming: 2 years of new data

2 years ago, I did post the data on the CO2 and global temperature relationship. The conclusion was: at least in the last 10 years, CO2 concentration kept rising, but the global temperature didn’t. Now, as the last year was the warmest year ever measured, it is time to look at the data again – having […]

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

… to all readers! I am off after Christmas, no internet, some kilos of (physical) books and probably some elks – I might take my Macbook along for programming, though. For those of you who think 2014 went optimal and think about making 2015 even more efficient here a scene from The Little Prince: “Good morning,” […]