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What is the name of the game?

This is from Daniel Keim’s “Call for Papers” for the EuroVAST 2010: “Visual Analytics is the science of analytical reasoning supported by interactive visual interfaces, which requires interdisciplinary science integrating techniques from visualization and computer graphics, statistics and mathematics, data management and knowledge representation, data analysis and machine learning, cognitive and perceptual sciences, and more.” Hmm, these […]

Fundamentals: Learning to Cook

For those who are used to work with graphics on a regular basis, it is usually not a question, what plot (or combination of plots) to use when looking at particular data problems. Nevertheless, many statistically trained researcher and practitioners have a hard time to translate data problems into reasonable graphics (not to mention their […]

The Power to … What did you say?

It is just about a year ago (exactly January 6th, 2009) that a New York Times article on R did fuel the dispute on what statistical analysis tool is “the best”. One of the highlight of the article was a quote from SAS’ Anne H. Milley: “I think it addresses a niche market for high-end […]