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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

… to all readers! I am off after Christmas, no internet, some kilos of (physical) books and probably some elks – I might take my Macbook along for programming, though. For those of you who think 2014 went optimal and think about making 2015 even more efficient here a scene from The Little Prince: “Good morning,” […]

Is there something like “old” and “new” statistics?

The blog post by Vincent Granville “Data science without statistics is possible, even desirable” starts talking about “old statistics” and “new statistics”, which started some more discussion about how statistics and data science relate. Whereas I agree that there is something like “old” and “new” thinking of the role and the tools in statistics, I am less […]

UEFA Champions League Round of 16 draw

Each year after the group stage, there is the much awaited drawing of the eighth-final, which essentially defines a team’s fate. So far the thing is not too complicated, as there are 16 teams out of which we need to generate 8 games – no problem if it would be possible to draw the teams without […]