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Time Is Up!

As there are still some blokes around who do not get how critical the Corona pandemic situation in Germany is, I want to boil it down to one number: >90 days left until all intensive care beds in whole of Germany are occupied.(as of January 3rd, extrapolating the 7 day average growth rate results in […]

Corona Crisis: The numbers that really matter

2021-01-17: Still waiting for turn around in death figures2021-01-10: The turning point! Proceed with fingers crossed!2021-01-03: For the first time more than 50% of ECLS beds are used2020-12-27: Almost 70% of all beds are now COVID-19 cases2020-12-20: Hospitals start to switch to a “Corona Only” strategy2020-12-13: New strict lockdown starting 2020-12-16 Early on when the […]