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Germany’s Vaccination Backlog

Quite often we hear in the news the lament that “if only we would have enough vaccine!”. In principal that is true, but more the theoretical claim, that only if we would have 170 Mio doses, everybody in Germany could get the two shots … Fact is, that being Germans and doing everything as thorough […]

Time Is Up!

As there are still some blokes around who do not get how critical the Corona pandemic situation in Germany is, I want to boil it down to one number: >90 days left until all intensive care beds in whole of Germany are occupied.(as of April 26th, extrapolating the 7 day average growth rate results in […]

Corona Crisis: The numbers that really matter

2021-02-14: ECLS turnaround2021-02-07: Rate now slowly increasing to 1,5-2,0%2021-01-31: Decline in Covid-19 beds still only at a -1% rate2021-01-24: Despite fewer new infections, intensive care still high2021-01-17: Still waiting for turn around in death figures2021-01-10: The turning point! Proceed with fingers crossed!2021-01-03: For the first time more than 50% of ECLS beds are used2020-12-27: Almost […]