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Poor Germany? Poor Germany!

The definition of when someone shall be counted as being poor is usually done by some kind of statistics. The definition in Germany is when you earn less than the half of the median income. When you want to look figures to be more dramatic you also add the range where people are counted to […]

Don’t call me “Marimekko”

This post on Junk Charts caught my attention. It is the mosaic plot version of the greenhouse gas chart which was initially a pie chart. This is maybe one of the best counter examples for mosaic plots. It is not hard to explain why a “traditional” mosaic plot completely fails to visualize this kind of […]

Crisis – what crisis?

Some months ago I stumbled over the website of the ifo-institute, which is one of Germany’s most renowned instances when it comes to judgement about the economical situation of the country. They feature the so called “ifo Index”, which gives an indication of how well the economy is doing based on a survey of a […]