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Graphics *and* Statistics: The Facebook Map

There is this beautiful graph created by the facebook intern Paul Butler showing all (?) connections between facebook accounts: Paul’s article is called “Visualizing Friendships“, which I would more call “Visualizing connections between facebook accounts”, but that is probably a different matter. Although this is a beautiful piece of artwork, from a statistical point of […]

Sharpen your Eyes

We definitely live in a world of overflowing information – certainly more than a human can and wants to digest. Of course, the internet is the principal motor for this, but it also happens with the design of simple everyday’s things. Antrepo has a nice example of how product designs can be reduced to what […]

Soccer: Can Money buy a Good Team?

The German Bundesliga has its (very short) winter break after 17, i.e., half the games played. We all know – or at least would not disagree immediately – that good players will cost a team a fortune, and the more a team can invest, the better will be the result. Using the (potential) value of […]

Visualization makes Life Easier

I recently got my current Miles & More balance. As you might guess, I am not really a frequent flyer, at least not with Lufthansa and its allies. According to the numbers, I need 36.000 miles resp. 30 flight segments to get Frequent Traveller status. Given my currently 1.500 miles resp. 4 segments, I am […]