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The Seven Deadly Sins of Conducting a Survey Study

I stumbled upon this “survey analysis” on an Apple related list called “iPad Opinion Profile – iPad Personality Clash: Elites vs. Geeks”. The brief summary of this survey suggests that iPad owners are “Selfish Elites” and those who oppose the iPad are “Independent Geeks”. It takes a bit to get an idea of what these […]

Surprise Me!

I was a bit puzzled when I read the lines in Robert’s hint to the InfoVis Workshop called “Telling Stories with Data“, saying: “If you haven’t watched the Hans Rosling video yet, you probably haven’t realized that visualization isn’t just there for data analysis, it’s also a great tool for telling stories.” This is exactly […]

Tour de France 2010 Statistics Art Gallery

Sometimes the title may promise more than the post can hold … but I still try my best. As you might know, there is the usual visualization of the stage times, total times and ranks of all riders in the regular post to start with. As we have more data on the Tour and riders, […]

Blinded by Animation?

Stopping by at, you will easily get to the “default” example, which shows the scatterplot of life-expectancy vs. income-per-person running through the years 1800 to 2009. You really have to look carefully to spot the problem with Russia in 1933. How do we explain a spontaneous drop of life-expectancy from 33 years to only […]

Why do we do it – ’cause we can!

I was pointed to this nice video of work from Robert Kosara by Hadley via Antony. Emerging technologies – and muti-touch must be counted as such – offer new possibilities of creating an interaction with graphics. This implementation of Robert is certainly clean and straight-forward, but still raises the question, whether or not these operations […]

World Cup Aftermath

Now that the world cup is over, and we finally have a winner, it is time to compare the expected values with the real outcome – don’t mix this up with comparing the outcome we would have liked to see with the real outcome, which is often done in business analytics … The expected values […]

Tour de France 2010

July 3rd was probably the worst day to start the Tour de France, as many of us where captured by the quarter finals, which sent home nobody less than Diego Maradona’s dream team, which may dream for another four years now … Although the world cup yet has to see its best matches, I will […]

What you see is what you get?

Although many of you might have seen this before somewhere on the web, I could not resist to post it as I used two of the effects in my visualization courses. As you can see, context is always key for a right interpretation … Enjoy!

Can you spot the Error?

Peter Huber referred to “the rawness of raw data”, a kind of data we would not expect to find in a textbook. The book of Fahrmeir and Tutz on multivariate modelling refers to the visual impairment data from Liang et al., 1992 in table 3.12: Nothing wrong here at first sight; but how would you […]