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Mondrian Version 1.1 released

Pretty hard to get any attention while Steve is presenting the iPad ­čśë , but nonetheless I like to point to the new version 1.1 of Mondrian. Here are the most important new features: Load data directly from R workspace files New color schemes Compatible with Java 6 on all platforms Very many bug fixes […]

“the rabbits in front of the snake”

On Wednesday, January 27th, (not only) the IT-world will be looking westwards to what is coming from Cupertino. Apple will reveal their “latest creation”. Nothing new regarding the staging: rumors are piling in blogs and news lists for months, analysts predict the dark or golden future of Apple and their competitors (depending on who pays […]

Welcome to the Ivory Tower

Here is the post-post scriptum of one of Andrew Gelman’s blog entries. The post was discussing how it could possibly be that such an influential statistician like Brian Ripley has such an outdated webpage: P.P.S. Somebody pointed out that you can search for B D Ripley’s recent papers using Google. Here’s what’s been going on […]

The Costs of Exaggeration …

On an Apple related list I found a pointer to this price comparison chart. Although the author already put a disclaimer in his post that this graph was not intended to be “mathematically correct”, it is amazing how badly the actually information is hidden behind the rainbow chart. Using a simple barchart just does not […]

Thinking Statistics – Visually

I found this on the infoaesthetics blog. There is one slide in the presentation that made me think: I got the impression that this quote from┬áHerbert George Wells – more known for his science fiction literature – suffers badly when modified this way. Statistical thinking – from my point of view – means the ability […]