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Why Germany wins the 2010 World Cup

There are certainly many models, which try to “calculate” which team will win the 2010 soccer world cup. Looking at the teams that already dropped out, the range of models which were obviously not predicting correctly gets quite big. Here is a visualization of my favorite: For those of you, who more believe in numbers […]

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Color brushing (i.e., the persistent assignment of colors to cases) was one of the most requested and most ignored (on my side) features for Mondrian. I gave in at some point and ever since I get the never ending complaint over using “the wrong” colors – which I now ignore for the most part as […]

Soccer Strategy Visualization

It did start with only three players and the keeper on the board, which I used to explain my kids (first graders and below) what offside means, and their creativity expanded it to what looks like Joachim Löw’s strategy for the Ghana match next Wednesday: Let’s proceed with fingers crossed! (The strategy on the board […]

The R Revolution on TV

I never thought I would ever embed videos from FOX on my blog, but this one needs to be covered: Watch the latest business video at Watch SPSS co-founder Norman Nie talking about the “… unbelievably powerful open source language called R …” and “… I am not sure that SPSS is our biggest […]

Soccer Visualization for the World Cup

Special times fuel the development in specific areas. E.g., during WWII a lot of (sometimes curios) inventions and technical optimizations came up – usually not supporting humanity. The Soccer World Cup seems to spur the development of soccer visualizations and sports visualizations in general. My favorite (and apparently not only mine) one is this overview: Querying […]

R is eve R ywhe R e

R did definitely not start to be THE statistical computing tool. The “two Rs” in far down-under just needed some tool which was not too expensive and structured enough to support the elementary statistics classes filled with hundreds of students. Another constraint was the computing lab which was large enough, but “only” filled with Mac […]