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“I don’t care about the data …”

Attending a recent workshop on data visualization, the discussion after a presentation on a graphical display technique to visualize a particular type of data (sorry for not being more precise here, but the presenter would not like to be identified too easily) led to the quote of the speaker: “I don’t care about the data, […]

Bill Gates and the User Interface Experience

Matt pointed me to this nice report on Bill Gates trying to download one of “his” products. Here is the e-mail, he sent to some of his staff. Make sure not to miss the performance from Dave Ross of KIRO-AM/710 when reading this e-mail – very nice. I wish this Bill Gates would have been […]

Can we easily find the “bad” teams … ?

Again, in 2008 the most interesting thing for a statistician following the Tour de France is to look for means to detect possible doping cases. Right now we have the total results for the first 11 stages for all teams, and a simple boxplot of total time after stage 11 against team – ranked by […]

Le Tour 2008

Here we go in the fourth year after the years 2007, 2006 and 2005. Stage Results cumulative Time Ranks (click on the images to enlarge) “The trace of a winner” – (a spanish winner makes me suspicious though …) That’s it for this year!  (Thanks to Sergej for updating the scripts)