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The Good & the Bad [7/2011]

This time it is easy to make a point; not because of my improvement advise being so well thought and fine tuned – no, just because “The Bad” is so convincingly bad. You find it here at slideshare, called “The Razorfish Social Influence Marketing Report”. Figure 1 on page 10 looks like this: I would […]

Statistical Graphics vs. InfoVis

The current issue of the Statistical Computing and Graphics Newsletter features two invited articles, which both look at the “graphical display of quantitative data” – one from the perspective of statistical graphics, and one from the perspective of information visualization. Robert Kosara writes from an InfoVis view:  Visualization: It’s More than Pictures! Information visualization is […]

Tour de France 2011

— that’s it for this year, see you in 2012 (the latest) – au revoir! — (With now 7 years of full Tour de France data, I might start to compare the different tours on a more “global” level.) Again, the Tour de France has to compete with the soccer world championship – ok, this time […]