The Good & the Bad [7/2011]

This time it is easy to make a point; not because of my improvement advise being so well thought and fine tuned – no, just because “The Bad” is so convincingly bad. You find it here at slideshare, called “The Razorfish Social Influence Marketing Report”. Figure 1 on page 10 looks like this:

I would call it the most fluffy pie chart I have ever seen (and when I say fluffy, I mean fluffy – ask Agnes). We have been talking about 3-d effects, projection problems, wild use of colors or transparency misuse … but this one is really to the top as almost every thing is wrong about this chart. It deserves a seat in the hall of shame of pie charts!

My “good” is more Tufty style as it does not show axes nor annotated values, but only proportional areas and class labels:

Enjoy! (Thanks to Marco for this great example)

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