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Concordance Visualization

Books featuring the “Search Inside” option in Amazon also have a concordance (here is a definition) added to the books info. Here are the 100 most frequently used words in Graphics of Large Datasets. Obviously, we are talking about how to “plot large data in figures”. (Pause the mouse over a keyword to see the […]

statistical graphics 101: Histograms

It’s been too long since the last posting (on barcharts) in the teaching corner. This one will be on histograms. Histograms are often mistaken with barcharts. The fundamental distinction between the two is Barcharts show counts (or weights) for the discrete axis of a categorical variable Histograms show an approximation of the density function (if […]

The Good & the Bad [10/2006]

Antony pointed me to this nice example found on BBC News. So what is the message here? “Chinese and other foreigners (not being British nationals) more and more fill Brirish jails …” Well, as we look at the percentage changes, we do not have any clue about the underlying group sizes. As whites are by […]