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Let’s do it in Parallel

Parallel coordinate displays are popular – especially in InfoVis – for quite a while. Now we have the ultimate reference with Al Inselberg‘s book (not surprisingly) called “Parallel Coordinates“. Al Inselberg giving a talk at the DataVis workshop in Berlin 2006 Most of the book actually looks at geometric properties of parallel coordinates, and thus […]

Why do we go to Conferences?

Andrew pointed to a blog post on his blog, by Panos Ipeirotis who asked the question, why we do not use peer reviewing for conference talks in the same way we are used to it for journal papers. His idea (which is not coming up the first time, and this year’s InfoVis worked pretty much this […]

Mac vs PC Reloaded – really?

It is the silly season aka as the “Sommerloch”, or the “morte-saison”, so there is time for this post. We all know the legendary “Mac vs. PC” spots, which Apple aired between 2006 and 2009. The underlying idea was the smart newcomer Mac attacking the bold and not always very smart acting established PC. So […]

The Good & the Bad [08/2010]

The last regular issue of “The Good & the Bad” dates back to [11/2006], so it is more than time to post. I found this flowchart on Kaiser’s junkchart. The graph was originally posted on the Internet Monk‘s blog – the data comes from a study, which can be found here. There was no data […]