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datajournalism – seriously?

There is an impressive 54 minute documentary on “visualization in the media” at The site also has quite a bit additional material literally around the video. The story seems to be tailored around (or at least crosses it every now and then) the paper by Segel and Heer. Here are some significant quotes (with […]

Finding Outliers in Outliers?

Presenting at the Dutch Chemometrics Society annual meeting late May this year, I heard a talk of Klaas Faber on the “Athletes Biological Passport” – especially targeting the Pechstein case. Now that the Swiss court finally confirms the ruling, things popped up again. Faber, being the expert of Pechstein, talks about “torture the data until they […]

The Wall! What Wall?

Stephen Few posted this illustration of the typical BI process on his site: I largely agree with Stephen on the different steps, which are very similar to any kind of data analysis process (you will probably leave out the “integrate”, “store” and “report” step in a non-BI / non-datawarehouse environment). But there is one crucial point […]