Sharpen your Eyes

We definitely live in a world of overflowing information – certainly more than a human can and wants to digest. Of course, the internet is the principal motor for this, but it also happens with the design of simple everyday’s things.

Antrepo has a nice example of how product designs can be reduced to what is really unique to it. Here is the example of my daughter’s favorite spread:

How things usually work (and that is the other way round, i.e., from clean to cluttered) can be seen in this great video on youtube:

What can we learn from this for creating better visualizations?
Visualizing information/data we always face the problem to reduce a bigger amount of information/data to an essential message. We will only succeed when we manage to focus on what is essential and do not fall for the next best attention grabber.

Merry Christmas and remember this post when
unboxing your presents on Christmas Eve

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