As Good as it Gets

Developing software in academia usually does not lead to commercial products, and if the intention is just this, the academic qualities often fail to reach common standards. Nonetheless, there is always the hope that commercial products might pick up the ideas generated in academic software projects.

Being involved in many software projects on (interactive) statistical graphics over the course of the last 20 years, one was often disappointed about how little was picked up by the commercial counterpart. All the more I was very surprised to find this post on the JMP-blog:

which is quite similar, to what can be found in an older post by me back in 2005 – but here is my current reproduction of the JMP post:

What was even nicer to read was the phrase “…an analysis of the 2005 Tour is featured in the excellent book by Theus and Urbanek titled Interactive Graphics for Data Analysis.” It seems that the JMP developers once in a while take a look at our book and implement the one or the other feature from the book, which you will also (mostly) find within Mondrian – can it get any better?

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