Happy Holidays …

… which is usually Merry Christmas around here and some (still too few) Happy Chanukah.

I had a good laugh when I saw Andrew’s reference to this barchart.

Maybe this is the right way to teach upper management the concept of uncertainty via confidence intervals, as the concept of mistrust is surely well known in these circles.

But to leave you with a bit of Christmas feeling, here is a great version of the ancient, latin Christmas hymn “Veni, Veni Emmanuel!”. Although I am not a particular bluegrass fan, I have to admit that this version is far closer to the original intention then what many well-meaning church choirs around will deliver.


Note: The video was recorded on Canon 5D Mark II, which gives you (given the right lenses) impressive depth of field effects – given you have the money to own a 5D MII.

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