Another Trivial Plot

Like all nations who fight the global financial and economic crises, Germany has put a package over several hundred billion euros. One part of the package is the so called “Umweltprämie”, which is nothing else than a voucher over 2,500 euros for everybody who turns in his/her 9 or more years old car to be trashed and buys a new car.

Although we can assume the number of nine or more year old cars to be finite, there is a limit on the number of vouchers, which is set to 600,000. Now we come to the trivial plot. The simple pie chart shows the proportion of voucher given out so far.

I did start to record the numbers last week, and with a week worth of data the increase looks like this:
So far we seem to be still far away from the limit of 600,00. A simple linear regression yields this graph, and a results that tells us that the vouchers will be used up even before summer at May 31st:
The linear estimate is certainly not a very fancy prediction here … 

When we have something around three weeks of data, I will post the data and open up the round for the best prediction – stay tuned!

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