Tour de France 2011

— that’s it for this year, see you in 2012 (the latest) – au revoir! —
(With now 7 years of full Tour de France data, I might start to compare the different tours on a more “global” level.)

Again, the Tour de France has to compete with the soccer world championship – ok, this time it’s the girl’s turn and the attention is somewhat smaller …

Although I “missed” the first 5 stages, I will start to log the results in the usual ways as in 2005, 2006, 2007, 20082009 and 2010.

Stage Results cumulative Time Ranks
Stage Total Rank
(click on the images to enlarge)

– each line corresponds to a rider
– smaller numbers are shorter times, i.e. better ranks
– all stages are on a common scale,
– stage-results and cum-times are aligned at the median, which corresponds to the peloton

STAGE 6: Still a very compact group of 18 riders at the top of the field
STAGE 7: Easy riding
STAGE 8: The first mountains shrink the top group to 11
STAGE 9: Thomas VÖKLER now almost 2′ ahead
STAGE 10: No changes in the Top 42
STAGE 11: Still waiting for the Pyrenees
STAGE 12: Team Leopard-Trek lead by the SCHLECK brothers with 5 in the top 44
STAGE 13: Vincent JEROME lost hist last place for the first time
STAGE 14: Thomas VÖCKLER still almost 2” in front
STATE 15: Here are the 28 drop-outs so far, as the ranks almost stay unchanged
STAGE 16: HUSHOVD wins and TEAM GARMIN takes the lead
STAGE 17: The worse riders are all collected into the peloton
STAGE 18: Andy SCHLECK rushes (almost) to the top! Still 4 within 1′ reach!
STAGE 19: VOECKLER can’t defeat the SCHLECK brothers but still in reach
STAGE 20: EVANS too fast for Andy Schleck but not for MARTIN
STAGE 21: Congratulations to Cadel EVANS

(Note: The official results for stage 2 are missing, and thus are calculated from the differences of the total times)

For those who want to play with the data. The graphs are created with Mondrian.

There is a more elaborate analysis of Tour de France (2005) data in the book.

Of course – as every year – a big thanks to Sergej for updating the script!

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