Le Tour 2006

That’s it for this year. Au revoir 2007!.

Stage Results cumulative Time Ranks
Stage Total Rank
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Prolog: Did anyone have Thor HUSHOVD on his list?
Stage 01: Except for 5, all arrived in the peleton
Stage 02: MC EWEN already on 3.
Stage 03: First drop outs
Stage 04: BOONEN still keeps the yellow jersey
Stage 05: Only O’GRADY can’t keep the pace of the top 10 from the Prolog
Stage 06: First 37 still in a window of one minute
Stage 07: This was the day of team T-Mobile!
Stage 08: No stage to remember …
Stage 09: Still waiting for the mountains, so we look at Sebastian JOLY …
Stage 10: MERCADO and DESSEL out of the blue?
Stage 11: LANDIS now in yellow
Stage 12: POPOVYCH’s day, now on 10. 5 withdrawls after the mountains.
Stage 13: PEREIRO SIO’s second place awards him the yellow jersey.
Stage 14: No changes within the top 17.
Stage 15: LANDIS back in yellow; two more mountain stages; down to 152
Stage 16: LANDIS passes yellow to PEREIRO, KLÖDEN the real winner in the end?
Stage 17: LANDIS back after great ride; top 3 within 30”
Stage 18: No changes, we are all waiting for the show down tomorrow
Stage 19: Everything as expected, LANDIS too strong for PEREIRO
Stage 20: Profile of a winner …

To play with the data yourself, get the Mondrian software and the dataset. Thanks goes to Sergej Potapov, who wrote the script to manage the data!

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