WIREs Computational Statistics

WILEY’s Interdisciplinary Reviews are positioned as “WIREs publications focus on high-profile research areas at the interfaces of the traditional disciplines.”

Currently there are six areas covered

  • Climate Change
  • Cognitive Science
  • Computational Statistics
  • Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology
  • RNA
  • Systems Biology and Medicine

and five other fields (including Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery) upcoming in 2011 and 2012. The compstat part is growing at a good pace and the cleanness and conciseness of the articles along with the visually appealing layout makes the articles fun to read.

Although one might argue that there are other authors with better expertise on the one or the other topic, we should not forget the effort it takes to get this together!

Here are links to two of my contributions

  1. Mondrian
  2. Brushing

(I feel confident to be the right author for the first article ūüėČ – ¬†access is free for now, so you may want to save a copy of the one or the other article for your next seminar or just for reference)

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