Tour de France 2005 Special

This special will track the development of the Tour de France 2005. Using parallel coordinate plots, the stage result, total elapsed time and the current ranking are displayed from day to day.All Stages

Stage Results cumulative Time Ranks
Stage Total Rank
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Stage 02: ZANINI, VAN BON and VANSEVENANT fell behind in stage 2.
Stage 03: HINAULT, ALBASINI and ZABALLA fell behind in stage 3.
Stage 04: ZABRISKIE lost the yellow jersey after crashing close to the finish.
Stage 05: Calm day, no trouble. ZABALLA is the first withdrawel.
Stage 06: VINOKOUROV’s first (small) step towards ARMSTRONG.
Stage 07: Another mass arrival.
Stage 08: The first mountains spread the field – ZABRISKIE now almost last!
Stage 09: VOIGT gets the yellow jersey, ARMSTRONG back to No. 3, ZABRISKIE out.
Stage 10: ARMSTRONG in yellow again, VOIGT back to 72, Ullrich fighting.
Stage 11: VINOKOUROV’s day, VOIGT out.
Stage 12: Calm day after the last Alps stage.
Stage 13: Day of the sprinter. VALVERDE out.
Stage 14: TOTSCHNIG wins, BOTERO lost almost 30′.
Stage 15: RASMUSSEN and BASSO switch places, Ullrich can’t keep pace.
Stage 16: No big changes, BOTERO definitely doesn’t like the Pyrenees.
Stage 17: SAVOLDELLI wins longest stage with biggest gap, KLÖDEN out.
Stage 18: ULLRICH gains 37″ on RASMUSSEN.
Stage 19: Second T-Mobile victory. ULLRICH needs more than 2′ to RASMUSSEN.
Stage 20: All of bad luck for RASMUSSEN, ULLRICH now 3rd.
Stage 21: VINOKOUROV’s good bye to T-Mobile …

Thanks for following this special, and see you next year!

This is the parallel coordinate plot for the total time of the 2004 Tour de France for all stages.

Lance Armtrong and Jan Ullrich are highlighted.

To play with the data yourself, get the Mondrian software and the dataset.

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