Making Movies

Making Movies is not only the name of an album by Dire Straits, but also the invitation of the ASA Statistical Graphics Section to enter the video competition. You might find the link a bit late (where I can’t dispute, but most creatives prefer to deliver “last minute”, so there is probably still some time left …) but it is actually not the direct reason for this post.

Inspired by the video competition, Antony sat down and actually created not one but three movies of interactive graphics in action – not intended to go into the competition but to motivate others to either use these methods or to create their own case study videos:

1. Titanic

(here is the data)

2. Decathlon

(here is the data – thanks to the excellent decathlon site)

3. Tour de France 2013

(here is the data – make sure to double click times tagged with a barchart to convert them to continuous variables when using Mondrian)


If you feel inspired by what you see, or have your own case study you want to present in Mondrian, go capture your screen and post it via, e.g., DropBox. The best movies will be added to the Mondrian video library and rewarded with a signed copy of “Interactive Graphics for Data Analysis – Principles and Examples“.

If you don’t feel like your own movie director, you might still probably want to download the data and redo what Antony did …

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