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Titanic Disaster Revisited

There are many stories and myths about the sinking of the Titanic. We recently compiled the data on the lifeboats (721 passengers who entered a lifeboat) and a nice pattern came out in the fluctuation diagram of “launch sequence no.” against “class”. (female passengers highlighted) The “fate” of the lifeboats is listed under What […]

The Good & the Bad [3/2006]

This time no fancy graph, but a nice example of “less can be more”. I took this month’s example from the R Graph Gallery. Here’s “The Bad”: Above graphics tries to depict a r by s table in a 3-d view. Uwe’s example has several problems The 3-d view make a judgement of the heights […]

R Graph Gallery

There is a gallery of R graphics at The nice thing of this gallery is that you can get the sources of all examples, so this can be a good starting point for your own custom graphics in R. There is a similar page – not so sleek – at which is a […]