German Election: 4. How Swabia kills Party Leaders

Now its time to show some maps. I won’t go through the usual party maps, as you might have seen them over and over again in TV, newspapers and the web (in fact it is impressing, what you get online by now!).

Instead, I want to look the two losers of the election: FDP and Greens. Here are the maps for the losses for each party. The brighter the yellow, the higher the loss for the FDP and the greener the green (doesn’t this sound lyrical?), the worse the losses for the Greens:

Whereas for the Greens, the losses seem to not only be concentrated on Baden-Würtemberg, for the FDP, the brightest yellow shines in the center of this state.

It is even easier to see, once you select only Baden-Würtemberg and look at the histograms of the losses. I put them on the same scale, which again highlights that the “problem” is far worse for the FDP.

The selected voting districts from Baden-Würtemberg clearly are on the left side of the distributions. Once you switch to spineplots, you even better see the conditional distribution of this selected state. As the biggest losses for the Greens are in Berlin, the leftmost bar is not completely highlighted as it is for the FDP.

Given these losses, almost all of the party leaders from the FDP and the Greens quit their office, which to a greater extend can be blamed on the swabian voters …

Stay tuned for the next post, where we look at the AfD, which almost entered parliament, but nobody really knows who did vote for them.

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