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Le Tour: the Good & the Bad

It would be interesting to see, whether or not we could use graphics (or other statistical methods) to identify potential doping candidates … The only thing we would need is a list of drivers who either admitted doping are convicted  or are accused to be involved in doping.  At least we could use the list […]

Le Tour 2007

That’s it for the 2007 chaos tour. Looking at the time distributions makes everybody above the median quite suspicious … more doping cases to come – maybe including A.C. Although many people claim little interest in the tour after the many doping cases, this is all the more a reason to check whether we will […]

Le Tour 2006

That’s it for this year. Au revoir 2007!. Stage Results cumulative Time Ranks (click on the images to enlarge) Prolog: Did anyone have Thor HUSHOVD on his list? Stage 01: Except for 5, all arrived in the peleton Stage 02: MC EWEN already on 3. Stage 03: First drop outs Stage 04: BOONEN still keeps […]

Tour de France 2005 Update

Well, the Tour de France 2006 is only a few weeks ahead, probably still time to give an update on the 2005 data. We now have the data recompiled with drop outs (thanks to Sergej). Interesting to see that almost half of the cyclists categorized as “sprinter” don’t make it to the Champs-Elysees. Looking at […]